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Your smile can improve your prospects in life and create a lasting impression on others. Orthodontics procedures tend to enhance the same. This area of dentistry deals with more than just teeth misalignment and aims to restore your dental problems ranging from oddly-shaped teeth to misaligned jaw or overcrowded teeth. Orthodontic procedures also help reshape, resize, and reposition your teeth to perfection.

Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or moving your teeth to enhance your aesthetic appearance. It also helps to look after the long-term health of your gums, teeth, and jaw joints by spreading biting pressure all over them.

Why Should I Opt for Orthodontic Treatment?

Crowded teeth not only affect the appearance of your smile but tooth functionality as well. You may suffer from problems like difficulty chewing your food or speaking. Orthodontic treatments help straighten your teeth and move them to a better position. 

When you opt for orthodontic treatment, oral care becomes easier. Orthodontic treatments make your teeth from the upper and lower jaw meet correctly, thus reducing strain on the muscles of your jaw and avoiding TMJ problems.

What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments?

The severity of misalignment varies from one patient to another, but the risks are equal. Orthodontic treatments cut down the damage and risk to your dental health.

When you opt for orthodontic treatment, maintaining oral hygiene becomes easier. It reduces the possibility of cavities and other infections.

Orthodontic treatments look after your dental health in the long run.

You get rid of all the problems like crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, and overcrowded teeth, thus boosting your self-confidence.

What are the Different Orthodontic Procedures?

  • Traditional Braces

Conventional metal braces are the most sought-after form of orthodontic treatment. They include a series of brackets attached to your teeth and linked by wires. The role of these wires is to pull your teeth into their correct position.

  • Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are similar to conventional braces as they attach to your teeth and correct their alignment. To affix them, we attach the brace bracket at the back of your teeth to hide their visibility.

  • Invisalign

They are an effective method of correcting your smile and straightening your teeth without using metal braces. Invisalign are clear plastic aligners that apply controlled pressure on your teeth and align your smile.

  • Retainers

Retainers are removable appliances that we provide to patients who have had their orthodontic treatment. The role of retainers is to avoid the recurrence of orthodontic problems. They also help to correct your bite.

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