General Dentistry in Brooklyn Park, MN

General Dentistry

Many people overlook the importance of their dental health. They may not take it seriously enough or follow proper oral care like brushing, flossing, visiting a dental clinic, etc. It creates various dental health issues – cavities, tooth decay, infection, swelling, and bleeding from gums, to name a few. The situation calls for visiting us for a suitable treatment. 

We offer general dental services to all our patients, regardless of their age. Upon experiencing any symptoms such as pain in your teeth, difficulty chewing or speaking, or bleeding from your teeth and gums, schedule an appointment with us. We will treat your condition with procedures like deep cleaning, tooth repair and restorations, tooth extractions, etc. 

What is the Importance of General Dentistry? 

  • General dental services aim to preserve your natural teeth and soft tissues. 
  • When you visit us regularly for general dental services like dental cleaning and examination, you prevent the occurrence of dental emergencies.
  • General dental services help you save costs by avoiding future dental treatments. 
  • These services also boost your oral hygiene standards. 
  • General dental services examine and monitor your health continuously through regular check-ups and dental examinations, which helps us to diagnose dental issues and treat them at an early stage. 

What Services are Included under General Dentistry? 

  • Dental Check-up and Examination 

We carry out a routine dental examination on all the patients to monitor their oral health. It includes taking your X-rays, ultrasounds, and other tests. We also perform oral cancer screenings during your routine dental check-up. 

  • Teeth Cleaning 

Professional teeth cleaning involves deep cleaning your teeth and gums. Under this procedure, we remove the deposits of plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth and your gum line. Regular teeth cleaning keeps tooth decay and gum infection at bay. 

  • Professional Teeth Whitening 

This procedure addresses your discolored or severely stained teeth. We apply a hydrogen peroxide gel on the surface of your teeth and treat them with a special light. This treatment helps you regain the natural color of your teeth. 

  • Dental Repairs and Restorations 

These treatments cover all kinds of procedures like tooth fillings, root canals, dental crowns and bridges, and tooth extraction. Restorative care is essential for repairing and correcting the structural problems in your teeth and improving their functionality. 

  • Preventive Dental Care 

We offer treatments like dental sealants and fluoride treatment to prevent your teeth from decaying or cavities. They are popular forms of treatment among children. 

To find out more about the dental services we offer at Zane Dental, Brooklyn Park, MN, call (763) 561-1200 or schedule an online consultation. You can also visit Dentist in Brooklyn Park MN at 7340 Zane Ave N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55443.

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