Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction or restoration is the process of rebuilding or restoring the teeth in the upper and lower jaws. The treatment involves general and restorative procedures that collectively improve your tooth functionality and appearance. There are many instances you may need to opt for this treatment. Full mouth reconstruction may also require multiple procedures, because of which the duration of treatment may be longer than individual procedures.

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When Do I Need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is required when you have lost your teeth as a result of trauma or decay.

  • You may need this treatment to restore fractured or injured teeth.
  • Full mouth reconstruction is also required for severely worn teeth due to teeth grinding or acidic erosion.
  • We will perform full mouth reconstruction if you often complain about pain in the facial muscles, jaw, or headache. In such events, this treatment is done to adjust your bite.

How is Full Mouth Reconstruction Performed?

  • Consultation

Consultation is the first step of the treatment. We will discuss your primary concerns and the goals of the treatment. We will also seek information about your overall health, medical history, oral health, and other lifestyle factors.

  • Dental Examination

After consulting, we will perform a dental examination of your mouth. It includes a visual examination and taking your X-rays. We will examine your neck, oral cavity, and head to check the severity of the issue you may be experiencing. The factors such as the condition of your teeth, bite alignment, state of your gums, and your teeth appearance will be taken into consideration.

  • Impressions of Your Teeth

The impressions of your teeth and records of your oral cavity will be taken. If required, we may also take intraoral pictures of your teeth and gums. Using these images, we will create a digital design of the current position of your teeth and the expectations of the results. With digital scanning technology, we will make a 3D model of the dental restorations.

  • Treatment Plan

Depending upon your dental concern and the severity of your condition, we will create a treatment plan. Full mouth reconstruction includes procedures like orthodontic treatment, root canal therapy, removal of infected or damaged teeth, periodontal treatment, placement of veneers, dental crowns or implants, TMJ treatment, corrective jaw surgery, placement of implant-supported dentures, and so on.

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