Dentures and Partials in Brooklyn Park, MN

Dentures & Partial Dentures

Dentures and partials (partial dentures) are age-old treatment options for missing teeth. They are sought-after, comfortable, and realistic-looking devices that we place in your mouth to improve your appearance and tooth functionality. Dentures are apt to replace other dental restorations and provide you with an effective solution at an affordable price. 

What are Full Dentures? 

Traditional, complete, or full dentures are recommended if you have lost all the teeth in your jaw. Such missing teeth may be in your upper or lower jaw. They have two forms – conventional and immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are less-invasive, and we attach them after 8-12 weeks of removing your final teeth. On the other hand, immediate dentures are attached immediately after removing teeth from your jaw. 

Many people prefer immediate dentures over conventional ones as they do not want a waiting period of weeks to opt for this tooth replacement treatment. However, conventional dentures are a better option to choose because they allow enough time for your gums to heal. 

What are the Benefits of Full Dentures? 

  • They are the best tooth-replacement option if you have very few or no salvageable teeth. 
  • When you opt for dentures, it enhances your overall oral health.
  • The procedure of attaching dentures is pain-free. 
  • You may opt for this treatment if you have chronic tooth problems. 
  • The application of full dentures enhances your natural appearance. You look more youthful as they fill out your sunken face. 
  • Full dentures restore your ability to eat anything you want. 

What are Partial Dentures? 

As the name suggests, partial dentures replace only a few missing teeth in your mouth. They may be removable or remain fixed in place. Removable partial dentures remain in place with the help of a metal framework and clasps. Fixed partial dentures are similar to dental bridges. 

During the appointment, we place crowns over your healthy adjacent teeth to make them work as anchors for your artificial teeth and also to suspend the gaps. Fixed partial dentures are a better option because they help preserve your dental structure by occupying the vacant space permanently. 

What are the Benefits of Partial Dentures? 

  • As partial dentures are used to replace only a few teeth, the treatment is more affordable than fixed dentures. 
  • These dentures restore the overall appearance of your face and improve your tooth functionality. 
  • In some cases, the procedure finishes within the same day of the appointment. 
  • Partial dentures maintain the health of your remaining teeth and prevent them from weakening or shifting. 

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