Apicoectomy in Brooklyn Park, MN


An apicoectomy is a minor and straightforward surgical procedure we perform on adults and children to save their at-risk teeth and prevent serious complications and problems. This treatment is also called root-end surgery or apical surgery. It involves the removal of the root tip of your teeth and surrounding tissues. Even though you may have already gone through root canal therapy, you may need this surgery to remove residual inflammation or infection reaching from your jawbone. 

Why Do I Need an Apicoectomy? 

  • This surgery is performed when your teeth do not heal properly and become infected even after a root canal treatment. 
  • Apicoectomy removes calcium deposits in your root canal. 
  • This surgery finds and treats problems that do not appear on an X-ray. 
  • You may need an apicoectomy to treat fractured teeth. 
  • The procedure treats your teeth with extra roots that cannot be treated otherwise. 
  • Apicoectomy is also required to treat bone loss, which tends to loosen your teeth. 
  • The surgery removes tooth roots having a hole. 

What are the Benefits of Apicoectomy? 

  • Apicoectomy supplements the prevention of serious issues related to your oral health, thus maintaining wellness in the long run. 
  • This procedure eases the pain caused due to root-end infection. 
  • Apicoectomy is an effective procedure to stop the progressions of infection. 
  • The procedure plays a crucial role in saving your teeth from decay. 

How is Apicoectomy Performed? 

We will carry out your X-rays to check the severity of the conditions. You will also be given a local anesthetic to numb the area around your affected teeth. An incision will be made through your gum, after which we will push the gum tissue aside to reach your roots. 

After removing the tip, we will clean and disinfect the root canal inside your teeth and seal it with a small filling to prevent the onset of future infection. We will take another X-ray to ensure that your teeth and jaw are in good shape and no space is left for the infection or decay to build up. 

Your tissues will be sutured so that the gums heal and grow back in place. At the same time, your jawbone around the filling will be healed. The procedure is not time-consuming and finishes within 30-90 minutes. We may prescribe you some antibiotics to treat pain, swelling, and other discomforts. Avoid eating hard foods for a few days after the surgery and continue regular oral hygiene practices. 

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